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OpenGL is the industry's most widely used, supported and best documented 2D/3D graphics API making it inexpensive & easy to obtain information on implementing OpenGL in hardware and software. In addition to extensive documentation, there are coding examples for every platform and topic, FAQ, open source libraries, Bindings and developer coding related software and benchmarks.

The coding section of contains information on:
  • OpenGL SDK
    • This is not a traditional SDK in the sense that it doesn't arrive on CD-ROM, and it isn't one monolithic download. Instead, it is a gathering of 3rd party contributions from many of the leaders in the community. In some cases the information and downloads are available directly from the SDK on In other cases, you'll find links to the original materials elsewhere on the web. In all cases, the contributions have been hand selected and represent the best of what's out there.
  • OpenGL Wiki
    • Frequently Asked Questions/Answers from experts in the field
  • FAQs
    • Links are no longer updated, but the basic information is still very relevant. Includes a Technical and Troubleshooting Guide, Getting Started and OpenGL Logo use
  • GLUT and Utiltiy Libraries
    • Libraries for GLUT - OpenGL Utility Toolkit, Other Interface Toolkits GLX, GLU , DRI, and High-level libraries
  • Performance Benchmarks
    • The non-profit OPC project is providing unambiguous methods for comparing the performance of OpenGL implementations across vendor platforms,operating systems, and windowing environments.
  • OpenGL ES - OpenGL for Embedded System, Cell Phones and Gaming Platforms
    • OpenGL ES is a free, lightweight API for advanced 2D/3D graphics capabilities on mobile & handheld devices, appliances and embedded displays. It is based on well-defined subset profiles of OpenGL and enables the lightest weight interface between software and hardware acceleration.
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